Quality Control

Our lenses are subjected to the latest standards of quality control. Systems are put in place to maintain the highest standards in lenses by testing each and every lens individually. We use the latest equipment available globally. Our quality standards meet or exceed those laid out in the ISO 11979 standards.

BRASSIOLA – An interferometer dedicated to the IOL industry, it measures the lens surface & guarantees matching of radius, conic constant, and surface quality to lens design, with high accuracy.

IOLA MFD – A wavefront analyzer combining the capabilities of an interferometer and an optical bench. Scans MTF in two axes and three apertures through a wide range of diopters, thus ensuring lens quality across its whole surface and all meridians.

IOLA 4C – A powerful wavefront analyzer which measures power, asphericity and MTF using an actual cornea which matches the lens design.

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